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New Game

Postby Omega » Mon Dec 19, 2016 7:35 pm

Hello Everyone,

I am here to talk about a game wich i am doing with a few friends of mine. The Game brings fighters from beat em up games together and make them play out like 2d fighting Games. Our main idea isn't graphics or anything similiar. It is just that we want to collect our favorite fighters from games we enjoyed. See it as a game wich collected these fighters and balanced them out. We are coding our favorite fighters into this game with special attacks and super moves. It will be fast phased but also classic.

The world is in chaos. Dinosaurs and defeated enemies, gang members re-appear for revenge. The heroes wich defeated them are keeping each other responsible. The past and the future is all mixed up. This time, all fighters have to join forces but for trust, they have to test each other before doing that.

The story and everything will be extended and written with a better english grammer.

Each Character will have a Stage from their Games.

The Characters list:
Red Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Kunoichi (Ninja Warriors Again)
Sketch Turner (Comix Zone)
Spiderman (Spiderman & Venom)
Cyber Blue (Battle Circuit)
???? (Sengoku)
Axel Stone (Streets Of Rage)
Guy (Final Fight 3)
Maul (WildCats)
Psylocke (X-Men)
Erradicator (Death And Return Of Superman)
Flynn (The Peace Keepers)
Trunks (Dragonball GT Transformation)
Celric (Dungeons & Dragons)

Some notes:

Why are you using GT Trunks?
- Because there are no other Dragonball beat em ups wich I could use. There is Dragonball Advanced but these sprites are small.

Everything is a mix. It's like Mugen. What is the point of making this game?
- Like I said. I don't intend to make a game based on new graphics. This is a remix Game. A collection of fighters packed in one game with a new and well balanced gameplay. Even so, I did some color fixes for some of The Characters. It's not Mugen.

What's done?
Axel Stone, Maul, Trunks, Red Ranger, Kunoichi, Sketch Turner quite done. Same goes for Guy. Also did some Stages. It's progressing well.

Where are you taking the sprite sheets from?
- from Sprite Database of course and some from other sources. All rippers will be credited.

We need assistance! What needs ripping?
- Trunk Sprite Sheet from Dragonball GT Transformation was incomplete. I guess Grim was going to help us with that.
- Cyber Blue from Battle Circuit : ... cuit-8.png
- ???? from Sengoku :

Why ???? from Sengoku?
- I don't know what his name is even after playing The Game so much.

The Screenshots:

Mag Launcher

More information will follow soon.
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