Game Boy Advance» Golden Sun: The Lost Age
Genre: RPG (turn-based)

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▪ Air's Rock 1▪ Air's Rock 2▪ Air's Rock 3▪ Air's Rock 4▪ Alhafra (exterior)▪ Alhafra (interior)▪ Anemos Sanctum 1▪ Apoji Islands (exterior)▪ Apoji Islands (interior)▪ Atteka Inlet & Lemurian Ship▪ Champa (exterior)▪ Champa (interior)▪ Champa Caves (exterior)▪ Contigo (exterior 1)▪ Contigo (exterior 2)▪ Contigo (interior)▪ Daila (exterior)▪ Daila (interior)▪ Dehkan Plateau▪ Destroyed Ship▪ East Coast of Indra▪ East Tundaria Islet▪ Eastern Alhafra & Ship▪ Gabomba Statue's Face▪ Gaia Rock 1▪ Gaia Rock 2▪ Gaia Rock 3▪ Gaia Rock 4▪ Garoh (exterior)▪ Garoh (interior 1)▪ Garoh (interior 2)▪ Garoh (interior 3)▪ Golden Sun▪ Gondowan Cliffs▪ Gondowan Settlement (exterior)▪ Intro Worldmap▪ Islet Cave▪ Izumo (exterior)▪ Izumo (interior)▪ Jupiter Lighthouse (exterior)▪ Jupiter Lighthouse (interior 2)▪ Jupiter Lighthouse (interior 3)▪ Jupiter Lighthouse (interior 4)▪ Jupiter Lighthouse (interior 5)▪ Jupiter Lighthouse (top)▪ Jupiter Lighthouse Cavern▪ Jupiter Lighthouse Entrance▪ Kalt Island (exterior)▪ Kalt Island (interior)▪ Kandorea Temple (exterior)▪ Kandorea Temple (interior)▪ Kibombo (exterior)▪ Kibombo (interior)▪ Kibombo Mountains 1▪ Kibombo Mountains 2▪ Kibombo Mountains 3▪ Lemuria (exterior)▪ Lemuria (interior)▪ Lemuria Fountain▪ Lemurian Ship (at Lemuria)▪ Loho (exterior)▪ Loho (interior)▪ Madra (exterior)▪ Madra (interior 2)▪ Madra (interior)▪ Madra Catacombs 1▪ Madra Catacombs 2▪ Madra Catacombs 3▪ Magma Rock▪ Mars Lighthouse (exterior)▪ Mars Lighthouse (top)▪ Mars Lighthouse Entrance▪ Mikasalla (exterior)▪ Mikasalla (interior)▪ N. Osenia Islet▪ Naribwe (exterior)▪ Naribwe (interior)▪ Northern Reaches▪ Old Lemuria▪ Osenia Bridge▪ Prox (exterior)▪ Prox (interior 1)▪ Prox (interior 2)▪ Prox Entrance▪ Sea of Time▪ Sea of Time Islet▪ Shaman Village (exterior)▪ Shaman Village (interior)▪ Shaman Village (north) 1▪ Shaman Village (north) 2▪ Southeast Angara Islet▪ Southwest Atteka Islet▪ Suhalla Gate 1▪ Suhalla Gate 2▪ Taopo Swamp 1▪ Taopo Swamp 2▪ Test Room▪ Tundaria Tower (entrance & top)▪ Venus Lightfire (exterior)▪ Venus Lightfire (interior)▪ West Indra Islet▪ Yallam (exterior)▪ Yallam (interior)▪ Yampi Desert 1▪ Yampi Desert 2
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