System: PlayStation Portable
Game:Astonishia Story

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Playable Characters-
Enemies & Bosses-
▪ Barren Land Cave▪ Barren Land Forest▪ Bluedeep Inn Exterior▪ Bluedeep Inn Interior▪ Covolt Moore Wood 1▪ Covolt Moore Wood 2▪ Covolt Moore Wood 3▪ Daria Village Catacombs▪ Daria Village Exterior▪ Daria Village Interior▪ Dengun Village Exterior▪ Dengun Village Interior▪ Ferry▪ Fort Ganberg 1F▪ Fort Ganberg 2F▪ Fort Ganberg 3F▪ Fort Ganberg B1▪ Fort Ganberg Entrance▪ Fort Ganberg Top▪ Hakshiman Island Forest▪ Hakshiman Island Secret Area▪ Halken Village▪ Higgersy John's Counter▪ Iringis Village Exterior▪ Iringis Village Interior▪ Keric Colony Exterior▪ Keric Colony Interior▪ Lezail vs. Dryden Cutscene▪ Mage Academy Exterior▪ Mage Academy Interior▪ Midiara Town Exterior 1▪ Midiara Town Exterior 2▪ Midiara Town Exterior 3▪ Midiara Town Exterior 4▪ Midiara Town Exterior 5▪ Midiara Town Interior▪ Mt. Bluedeep Cave 1F▪ Mt. Bluedeep Cave 1F-2▪ Mt. Bluedeep Cave 1F-3▪ Mt. Bluedeep Cave 1F-4 (Karof's Room)▪ Mt. Bluedeep Cave 2F▪ Mt. Bluedeep Cave 2F-2▪ Mt. Bluedeep Cave Entrance▪ Mt. Bluedeep Cave Exit▪ Mt. Dacalph Cave Entrance▪ Overworld 01 (Rudelberg - Plateau Woods)▪ Overworld 02 (Plateau Woods - Plateau Forest)▪ Overworld 03 (Plateau Forest - Ferry)▪ Overworld 04 (Ferry - Mt. Bluedeep Cave)▪ Overworld 05 (Mt. Bluedeep Cave - Perdor Cave)▪ Overworld 06 (Perdor Cave - Covolt Moore Wood)▪ Overworld 07 (Covolt Moore Wood - Teftin Cave)▪ Overworld 08 (Teftin Cave - Shunai Desert Forest)▪ Overworld 09 (Diamond Wind Cutscene)▪ Overworld 10 (Shunai Desert Forest - Halken Village)▪ Overworld 11 (Port Bermire - Hakshiman Island)▪ Overworld 12 (Hakshiman Island)▪ Overworld 13 (Halken Village - Fort Ganberg)▪ Perdor Cave 1F▪ Perdor Cave 1F-2▪ Plateau Forest▪ Plateau Woods▪ Port Bermire Exterior (Destroyed)▪ Port Bermire Exterior 1▪ Port Bermire Exterior 2▪ Port Bermire Exterior 3▪ Port Bermire Interior▪ Port Bermire Interior (Destroyed)▪ Purplonin Cave 1F▪ Purplonin Cave 1F 1B▪ Purplonin Cave 1F 1F-2▪ Purplonin Cave 1F 2B▪ Purplonin Cave 1F 2F▪ Purplonin Cave 1F 2F-2▪ Purplonin Cave 1F 3B▪ Purplonin Cave 1F 3B-2▪ Purplonin Cave 1F 4B▪ Renzas Village Exterior 1▪ Renzas Village Exterior 2▪ Renzas Village Exterior 3 (Lezail▪ Renzas Village Interior 1▪ Renzas Village Interior 2 (Lezail▪ Rudelberg Castle▪ Rudelberg Castle Entrance▪ Rudelberg Exterior▪ Rudelberg Interior▪ Sanctuary of the Magic Crest Entrance▪ Saurabi Shrine▪ Setia Woods▪ Shunai Desert Forest▪ Steeler Town Exterior▪ Steeler Town Interior▪ Trumman's Fastness Exterior▪ Trumman's Fastness Interior▪ Weststone Village Exterior▪ Weststone Village Interior▪ Ylenne's & Rendalf's Joining (Cutscene)
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