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News: Same layout, lots of new features
Same layout, lots of new features

Posted by Grim 5 months ago in #site-upgrades - comments
Okay, I goofed. I got a little too excited about having a new layout and then - as I tend to do - started second-guessing myself pretty fast. Didn't test enough different resolutions, either. On the most popular laptop resolution it just looked goofy. So I've reverted from the 2-column, centered look back to the classic 3-column, full-width we've had for years. However, all the new features and enhancements are still here, including:

• Dark & light themes - Using the links next to the search bar (upper right!) you can now instantly switch between a light and dark site theme. We actually had this feature for a while several years ago, but this new version is much better. Embrace the darkness!

• Enhanced tags - Tags are now sorted into 'company', 'series', and 'genre' types. You all probably know what that means, but for example: Sonic Mania is tagged Sega, Sonic, and Platformer respectively. As before there's still a lot more tagging to be done but I'm adding more all the time.

• Enhanced game pages - Game pages are redesigned to show the game's icon as well as a better-formatted display of tag information.

• View change anywhere - You can now change between text, icon, and list view on almost any page that shows games or files. This includes news posts, system pages, game pages, and tag pages.

• System icons - The pixel art system icons I teased back in July are now live! I made all these myself and am pretty proud of them. Go to any system page and check them out. These replace the old photos which mostly came from Wikipedia and Google images.

So yeah, sorry about the mix-up. If you saw the 'new' setup and liked it, feel free to make your voice heard. I'll continue tinkering in the meantime.

News: Time keeps on slippin'
Time keeps on slippin'

Posted by Grim 4 years ago in #site-upgrades - comments
Hello, readers, and welcome to the new-for-2014 SDB. That's right, once again a new year has brought with it a new site design, and many new features along with it. For example:

First off, the customs section. Customs now have ICONS! This feature took far longer to get done than I'd like to admit, especially since once I sat down and got to work on it, it wasn't hard at all. Anyway, the customs section is now a good chunk more attractive-looking.

We also have a fun new random feature, whereby you can check out a random file or random game. You can also find the links to these features at the bottom of the site.

Also long overdue, we now have a Contributors page. Now you can see a proper index of all 450+ people who have submitted to SDB, and even see who contributed the most! (Spoiler: it isn't me, or you - unless your name happens to be Maneko.)

Totally boring, but we also now have a more publicly visible Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Part of keeping everything on the up and up, see.

And on top of all that, there are assorted editorial changes on various pages to many and too minor to list here. Anyway, I hope everybody likes the new stylings and that you'll excuse the absence of any new sprites this week. There's always next time!

News: Here We Go Again
Here We Go Again

Posted by Grim 6 years ago in #site-upgrades - comments
Greetings, Sprite Database nation.

Once again I have introduced a new layout to SDB. This new theme continues with the classic white & blue look, along with some pleasantly boxy designs and plenty of breathing space. To be honest, I consider myself pretty good at coding but I can't design web pages for anything. The previous design was ok, and like all designs I loved it at first. Then everything started to get more and more cramped, the graphics got overly complicated, and so on. So I had the idea for this new layout and I went for it. I think it's a lot better; the actual content is closer to the middle of the screen where before it was too close to the top, and even the logo and navigation are more centralized. Hope everybody enjoys the changes.

The only thing that's gone is the skin selection feature. That was something I implemented on a whim, and in the end the alt skins were real ugly and tripled my workload anytime I wanted to change anything. Sorry if you were one of the few who enjoyed that feature but it had to go.

There are still things that need slight adjustments but I'll get it done.

This week's regularly-scheduled update will be here on time with plenty of loot, so don't think I forgot about that.

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