Update: 12/18/2016
Gotta make a plan, gotta do what's right

Posted by Grim 1 years ago in #weekly-update

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Welcome to the last update of 2016. A year I'd be all too happy to leave in the rear view mirror, if only I weren't so certain 2017 will be much worse.

In a shitty year like this, you've got to find comfort where you can, and working on SDB has sure provided that. So I have to give my thanks to you all. To all the people who visit each week, everybody who submits such amazing content, and all the people who've just sent me nice emails or PM's. Thank you. I know this site is just a silly hobby, but it matters and I really do appreciate it.

All that said, 2017 is coming whether we like it or not. So whether 2016 was your worst year, your best year, or somewhere in the middle, I hope 2017 is better. See you all in January.

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