Update: 02/12/2017
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Posted by Grim 12 months ago in #weekly-update

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Time for another update, this time with rather a bit more arcade stuff than usual. I can dig it.

Also, while experimenting with new layout ideas for the site (we've had this one for around 3 years which is an eternity by SDB standards) I came up with a lot of changes for the game view. These include:
  • A much better looking "Change view" interface that reflects your current setting
  • Also, the change view menu doesn't conflict with tags any more. (In games that have a lot of tags the two would push each other out of the way which was frankly very amateur-hour on my part.)
  • Cleaner and more consistent design for all 3 views (text, icon, and list) including better mouse hover effects
  • Categories are now collapsible! Click any category header to hide it, or click it again to un-hide! This works in all three views too.
  • Icon boxes are now all the same size, whether the actual image uses the old 100x50 pixel dimensions or the current 120x100. I wasn't sure how well this would work but I'm very happy with it - the site is now much more visually consistent as you can see with any recently-updated games that still had old icons. Take Final Fight from this very update as an example.
  • On top of that the icons have had a further redesign to allow up to two lines of text by default. Before, files with longer names would stretch out their text boxes making the icons different sizes. Now, that will only happen if the file name is reeeeally long, so hardly ever.
Anyway, a lot of that is nitty-gritty details but I like talking about 'em and maybe somebody will like reading it, so there you go. And I'll keep thinking about ways to improve other pages of the site as well. Til next time.

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