Update: 06/04/2017
Unbelievably real shadow puppets

Posted by Grim 6 months ago in #weekly-update

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Hi everyone, your boy Grimbo (don't ever call me Grimbo) is here with a new update. I've been playing SoulSilver and I just had to rip the overworld Pokemon sprites. Love those little guys. Also marvel at the newly added PS Vita section, where I'll be uploading rips from Trails in the Sky FC Evolution for a while. This is one of the best RPG's I've ever played, so check it out if you can, whether on PC, PSP, or this newly fan-translated Vita version.

Okay, on top of all that I'm also working on a huge new update for SpriteTracer, my custom sprite ripping program. Expect a bunch of new features and a vastly improved UI experience. Assuming I can figure out how to implement these last few features I want, expect to see that available next week.

Okay and now I'm done talking for real. See you next time, and if you've got something to submit, please do!

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