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Azumanga Daioh Puzzle BobbleCleopatra FortuneDon't PullPalamedesPnickiesSuper Puzzle Fighter II TurboToy PopDr. MarioDr. MarioPokémon Puzzle Challenge YoshiYoshi's CookieGhostlopMagical Drop IIIBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S: Kondowa Puzzle de Oshioikiyo!The Lost Vikings 2The Lost VikingsPikiinya!Same GameSuper Nazo Puyo Tsuu - Ruuru no Tetsuwan HanjoukiTetris AttackWario's Woods Wrecking Crew '98Hotel MarioCleopatra FortuneMagical Drop F: Daibouken Mo Rakujyanai!Dr. Mario 64Dr. Mario / Puzzle LeagueJetix Puzzle BuzzleMeteosPuzzle Quest: Challenge of the WarlordsZoo KeeperCapcom Puzzle World
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