Customs Welcome to the customs section. Here you will find edited and custom-made sprites submitted by the community. These sprites are sorted by the video game or media series they are based on. Below is a list of all series for which customs have been submitted; click the series title to see all custom sprites from that series.

Animal Crossing1 file
Bleach1 file
Bomberman1 file
Bubble Bobble1 file
Castlevania4 files
Cowboy Bebop1 file
Danny Phantom2 files
Digimon2 files
Disney1 file
Donkey Kong1 file
Dragon Ball39 files
Earthbound1 file
Family Guy1 file
Final Fantasy12 files
Fire Emblem16 files
Fullmetal Alchemist1 file
Ghostbusters1 file
Halo9 files
Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi1 file
InuYasha1 file
Kingdom Hearts5 files
Kirby37 files
Mario141 files
Marvel1 file
Mega Man16 files
Megami Tensei1 file
Metal Gear1 file
Metal Slug1 file
Metroid10 files
Naruto15 files
One Piece17 files
Parasite Eve1 file
Pokémon12 files
Power Rangers2 files
Reborn!1 file
RosenkreuzStilette1 file
Skies of Arcadia2 files
Sonic The Hedgehog29 files
Starcraft1 file
Street Fighter2 files
Streets of Rage1 file
The Legend Of Zelda30 files
Valkyrie Profile1 file
Warcraft1 file
X-Men1 file
Yu Yu Hakusho5 files
Zoids2 files

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