Tutorials Here on the Tutorials page, you will find tutorials and guides related to ripping and using sprites.

If you have written a tutorial relating to sprites in some way and would like to see it published here, feel free to contact us. If it's good, we'll add it to the list!

DS Ripping with DeSmuME - by Grim

Learn to use DeSmuME's ripping features to rip Nintendo DS games.

Game Boy Advance Ripping with VisualBoyAdvance - by Grim

Learn to use VBA-M's ripping features to rip Game Boy Advance games.

Saturn Ripping with Yabause - by Grim

Learn to use the emulator Yabause to rip Sega Saturn games.

How to rip CPS2 Arcade Games With WinKawaks - by Grim

Learn to use this arcade emulator's excellent ripping features.

How To Put Together A Sprite Sheet - by Grim

Tips for maximizing the usability and usefulness of your sprite rips.

Basics Of GGD - by Crimson Penguin

Learn the basic workings of this powerful, but initially confusing, tile viewer.

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