Submit to SDB Since 2005, Sprite Database has grown to be one of the largest video game sprite archives on the internet. Our thousands of quality sprites, sounds, and other resources have come from a community of loyal viewers and contributors. If you want to join the ranks of these supremely excellent people, here's what you need to do:

How to Submit
  1. Go to the Forums and register an account.
  2. Go to the SDB:Submit board.
  3. Make a topic like "My rips" and include links to your submission, as well as relevant information.
  4. That's it! If it's good it'll be put it up on the site as soon as possible. Isn't life great?
Submission Guidelines

"Stolen" Materials

  • Don't submit rips you didn't rip yourself.
  • Don't submit customs or edits you didn't make yourself.
  • And please, don't pretend to be someone else and submit their work.

File Formats

  • For images, use .png - it's a small, simple file format that won't mess up your images. .gif and .bmp submissions are acceptable as well, but in general I will probably convert them to .png anyway.
  • Sound files can be submitted as .wav, .mp3, .wma, or .mid; other formats may be acceptable too, as long as they work fine I'll take them.
  • For submissions with a large filesize or consisting of multiple individual files, feel free to submit them in a .zip or .rar archive file.

Quality Control

  • When ripping sprites or anything else, aim for completeness. The more complete your rips are, the more likely they are to be accepted.
  • That said, no one can get 100% every time, and even a somewhat-incomplete rip can be useful. If you have an incomplete submission that you feel you won't be able to finish, it may be worth posting anyway.
  • No blurry or resized rips. Sprites need to retain their original, crispy, pixellated goodness. Look at this chart.

    #1 is perfect! Normal size, no blurring.

    #2 is at 2x size, but with no blurring. It can be fixed simply by properly resizing to 50%.

    #3 is stretched to an uneven proportion which has also blurred it. It can't be fixed.

    #4 has been saved as a .JPG. From a distance it looks fine, but the JPG format has blurred the image. Unfortunately, there's no way to reverse this.

  • In general, you should refer to my How to Put Together a Sprite Sheet tutorial for tips on making an attractive, useful submission.

Label Your Stuff!

  • Tell me what the submission is (character's name, or at least "Player 1") - if I have nothing to go on I'll have to make something up!
  • The exact title of the game - if the game is already on SDB please use the same title to avoid confusion.
  • What console/platform the game is from. With some multiplatform games it can be hard to tell versions apart.
  • Example: Tarma from "Metal Slug 3" for Neo-Geo. (Character, Game, System - see?)


  • Files posted to SDB have icons, small images which show a preview of the file. Contributors are not required to include icons. However, doing so will ensure your submissions are posted quickly and make my life a bit easier as well. If you want to include your own icons, they must be:
    • A .png or .gif image summarizing the contents of the submission.
    • 120 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall.
    • Transparent, if there is "whitespace" around the image.
    • Not animated!
    • Examples:

  • Games also have icons. If you are submitting files from a game we don't have listed on the site yet, feel free to include an icon for the game as well. Game icons must be:
    • A .png image showing a portion of a screenshot from the game.
    • 200 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall.
    • For consoles with a horizontal resolution less than 200 pixels, like the Game Boy, use a 100 x 50 pixel icon instead.
    • Examples:
Customs & Edits

Sprite Database also accepts submissions of custom and edited sprites. "Customs" are sprites made from scratch, while "edits" are sprites made by making edits to existing game sprites.

  • Like rips, customs & edits should be submitted as .png images and must be your own work. They are also submitted in the SDB:Submit board.
  • Quality (technique, aesthetics) is more important than quantity (number of frames / actions) but we'd still prefer you include at least a few different animations.
  • Assume that if your sprites are accepted to SDB, people might use them. If you want your creations to remain private, don't submit them!
  • Submitted customs should be from recognizable series (games, cartoons, comics, anime, movies, etc.) If you are not sure if something qualifies, you only need to ask.
  • No OC's - original characters. Coldsteel the Hedgeheg, that means you!
  • Customs have icons too. Like regular game rips, the icons should be 120 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall and can be either .png or .gif.

Since customs are your own artwork and ultimately there is no "right way" to make art, whether your submissions qualify for acceptance will naturally have to be a bit more subjectively decided (compared to ripped sprites, for which there absolutely are right and wrong ways to do things.) If your work isn't accepted please don't take it personally. I'll do my best to offer constructive criticism - I'm not exactly a brilliant spriter myself, but after so many years I think I've picked up a thing or two. And if I neglect to reply at all, please feel free to remind me (publicly or privately) - I don't mean to be rude, sometimes I just forget, or things just slip through the cracks.

And remember, if you just want to post your sprites without submitting them - whether to show off or ask for advice - we do also have a Sprites forum for that.
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