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Weekly Update: 05/14/2017
Ha! It's almost scary how good I am!

Posted by Grim 2 weeks ago in #weekly-update - comments

Hey guys, here's another little update. Still not back to 100% but I didn't want to wait another whole week to post something. Thanks to Degue1297 and MaStErOfWeIrD for contributing this time!

New files: 15

Boboboubo Boubobo: Ougi 87.5 Bakuretsu Hanage Shinken
36ChobigeSix Old Ladies
Etrian Odyssey
AlchemistDark HunterHexerLandsknechtMedicProtectorRoninSurvivalistTroubadourMonstrous Codex
Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting
Volg Zangief

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Weekly Update: 04/30/2017
You must be tired after today. Let's go to sleep.

Posted by Grim 4 weeks ago in #weekly-update - comments

It's been a while but here's another update. Would have posted one last week but, well, I've been going through a pretty tough time here. I'll spare you all the details but it may be a while before I'm back to 100%. Still, it's important to continue updating, if only to keep up appearances. I'll be back in a couple weeks with another update. Til then.

P.S. thanks to United_Snakes and jetparadox for this week's submissions!

New files: 23

Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard
AlchemistDark HunterGunnerHexerLandsknechtMedicProtectorRoninSurvivalistTroubadourWar Magus
Fatal Fury F-Contact
King of Fighters R-1, The
SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium
Japan 3
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Armored Assault TankCommander CodyGrenadier DroidMace WinduMagnaguardNemoidian GuardPadmePalpatineRemote

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Weekly Update: 04/09/2017
Not all days can be beautiful days

Posted by Grim 7 weeks ago in #weekly-update - comments

It's that time again so here's another update. I've been super busy lately (who hasn't?) but at least we've still got content coming in. Thanks to everyone who submitted. Except for me, because why would i thank myself. Anyway!

New files: 19

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World
Stage 1-1
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
Magic BottleTrix
Font & GUI
Mega Man 7
Robot Museum
Rockman & Forte
Gori-ThreeShellunSurumakerSydeckaCold ManDynamo ManMagic Man
Tatsunoko Fight
Undercover Cops
Vinyl Goddess from Mars
ItemsMenu Screens
Beam Kirby (with hat)Chun-Li (colored)

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